Oh, For That Forgotten Time…


I’m sitting on a bench by the boardwalk watching as people walk by. The sun beats on my head and the only relief from the heat is a cool breeze coming off the ocean. As the breeze dries the mist from the ocean, I can feel the salt on my lips. As I watch, I noticed a rather quant trend; some of the women walking together are carrying UV protection Umbrellas. Yes there’s a chance of rain, but I think it’s mostly to protect themselves from the damaging rays of the sun. The use of a women’s parasol is returning.

As I watch, I noticed that the women seem to be walking together, while the men walk together-unless they are walking as couples. But then I noticed there’s another divide; there are the women with the umbrellas held over their heads, shading them from the blinding rays, and the women who are just walking with no protection. I look a little closer. The women with no protection seem to walk a little hunched over as of protecting their face from the sun. Many may have hats on, but they also seem to have one other thing that the other women with umbrellas don’t: something is in their hand and it’s a phone. Some of them are so busy talking and texting on that phone that they’re not looking at the view around them. They miss the sights of the coast line as the ocean waves hit the shoreline. I cast my attention to the women who are holding the umbrellas. They are only using one hand to hold the umbrella and the other hand is free, swinging as they walk. I noticed something else too, they stand straighter, not trying to protect themselves from the sun. The umbrella is doing the work for them and they seem to walk a little bit more elegantly, they hold themselves straighter, and they are actually looking at the sea while they walk.


I close my eyes for a moment, letting my imagination take me back in time. I can picture all the beautiful ladies with their elegant parasols, their dresses of lace & ruffles trailing along the wooden boardwalk. It is a walk letting them enjoy their afternoon out. It was a different time then; much simpler, and to me much more romantic.

Today many women, myself included, are caught up in the hustle & bustle of life. That phone we have in our hand is a necessity, not luxury. It’s not a toy; it’s what gets us through the day. The days of walking slowly and elegantly down the boardwalk up holding a parasol are long gone. There too many demands on our life now; we work, we raise families, we run her own businesses, we try to have an active social life.


Oh let’s be honest, we try to do it all and we don’t think anything less of ourselves for trying. We only think less of ourselves if we don’t succeed! Where did all this craziness come from? How did we get so caught up this way of life?

I look at my watch; time to quit day-dreaming and get back to work. Over is my break and time to yearning for the simpler times. Over is my time to imagine that I could be one of the ladies walking the boardwalk, holding my parasol, enjoying the afternoon sun and the sea breeze.

Investing in a Series

Reading a series of books and you can’t help to become entangled with the storyline!

I love reading a series of books, so maybe that’s why I’m dedicating myself to writing my own mystery series. I actually have the outlines for two series, in different genres. I’m excited to get my ideas and words down in book format, and am now currently writing book number three.

Basic RGB

But most people who like book series started reading them at an early age. How many of you “series readers” started out reading something like  Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys? Some of our younger readers right now maybe in the middle of their own favorites: like the Harry Potter series. The series that we read are different than what our children are reading. Book genres for young adult readers have changed over the years, reflecting the changes in our society.

shelves of bookseries

 I’ve even noticed that the type of series you read changes as you get older, often reflecting your own changes in lifestyles. Your reading selections may also change as you interest and activities change.  Seasonal series may influence your reading choices too.  During the Christmas holidays, I love to read short stories that reflect the season.

There’s just something about getting into a series; you feel like you’re part of it. You become friends with the hero, you hate the villains, you anticipate the storylines, and you cheer for the underdog. You discover that you have your favorite characters and you have the characters that you dislike so much that you can’t wait to see them killed off, arrested or just done away with & written out of the story.

Another factor that keeps you interested in a series could be the time period it represents. Or the location of where the series was written. I know my mother loves Regency Romances, but I personally am fond of an Alaskan mini-series. There’s something about sitting on the beach, reading about cold Alaska weather that makes me feel good.


It’s interesting to watch where the writers mind is going and follow along as they develop the characters from book to book, hooking you in so that you can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

How far are you into the current series you’re reading? Is it a romance, a historical, or an investigative series?

So, what kind of series has you hooked?



Yea! It’s Summer.

The dog days of summer are here!

Schools out. Graduations are over. Vacations are starting. And the long days return to heat, humidity, and fun. Whether you’re sitting by the pool sipping a sweet tea, stretched out on the sand at the beach or camping in the wilderness; there some activities that just screams summer.


The summer can be a time of relaxation, or a time to catch up and get all those extra chores and Honey-Do lists done around the house. This is also a time to start anew; to get ready for the whole new beginning whether the new job, a new home, a new town. Summertime is also the time when some are house shopping, so they can be in their new home by the start of school. This is the time for families to have reunions and catch up with each other.


But for me summertime is a time to relax, a time to write, a time to read, the time to just enjoy God’s earth.

There are so many things to see if you just take the time to look. Down here where we live most of the Tourists going back up north and traffic is much lighter; now is the time we will see a lot more wildlife come out in the open. It’s mating season for gators, the otters are out playing in the ponds more, the birds are everywhere, turtles are laying their eggs.


Yes, summer time in the south takes on a very relaxed, laid back feeling. So will you spend your time lounging by the pool, trying to surf the waves at the beach, camping and getting back to nature; or you going to go in some exotic vacations and see other parts of the country or around the world?


Whatever you do; it’s your summer-have fun and enjoy it!