It Never Changes!

Out of sight out of mind?

Our son recently came home for the holiday weekend and after being at school for a couple months on his own. He’s definitely matured and become a young man, but as he walked in the front door it didn’t matter- my boy was home.
I was amazed myself at how quickly I fell back into the “mommy mode”. Now, I know when he’s a college that he’s safe; there are campus security and curfews. He doesn’t have a car to drive around, and he is supposed to be busy studying. Anything else happens; I don’t really want to know about. But with four days at home, I find myself worrying. If he is out late at night is he safe driving his car? Is he looking out for the other drivers? Has he forgotten everything he learned about safety? Is he eating properly when he’s not home to get meals with us? The list goes on and gets longer the later he stays out past midnight. The worrying has started.

“For goodness sake’s “, I tell myself, ” he’s an adult, there’s no reason to worry about him.” But no matter what my head says, my heart says another thing and I begin to worry about all those little things that mommies worry about, no matter how old your children are. His father just laughed at me, and my son shook his head. But I think secretly he smiled and was pleased to know that somebody was worried about him. The weekend is over, and it’s time to go back. As we load the car with a case of neatly folded clean clothes and a box of extra food to get them through the next couple weeks, I sigh with relief. He’s now somebody else’s worry. Mainly himself, but like I said out of sight out of mind. If he needs me, he only has to call.

I keep telling myself that, and it gets easier each time he heads back to his life of a college student.

That College Life Has Sure Changed!


As a writer, I often find my writing follows the same path that events in my life does.  It often isn’t planned that way, but when I look back on what I have just written, that’s what I see on the page in front of me.

Here is a perfect example…

In the second book in the Citrus Beach Mystery Series, Megan’s daughter pays her mother a surprise visit from college, bringing her roommate home with her.  (I can remember doing that to my parents too.)

Just this past weekend we took our son for the open-house event at the college of his choice in south Florida.  To say it was a successful weekend would be an understatement!  To quote my son’s reaction…”just pack my laptop & clothes- I’m ready to start NOW!”

And why won’t he?  The college experience looks like it has changed so much since I went.  To my son’s delight, the female population at this college was greater than the male: everywhere we looked, we saw long hair and short shorts and friendly students.  Technology has appeared in every classroom & dorm, and the students all seem so intense.  The dorms where equipped with all a student would need and there was plenty of support staff on hand so insure that his upcoming time on campus would prepare him for his future.

Courses of studies have changed over the years as well.  Oh, there are still the old favorites, but now there are so many related to the news jobs on the market like graphic design & computer science.  How can you not be excited about this new era of college life?

Maybe I should go back to college…