Secret #16

Floriography: A new message with sinister meaning…

I find I’m fascinated with the combinations you can make with the different flowers and their meanings. From proclamations of true love to best wishes to warnings of death and misdeed. Something as simple and beautiful as a flower blossom once were the Morris code of the Victorian era.

The messages could be given openly as a gift or left on a doorstep as a warning. But only those who truly knew the language of flowers could decipher the meaning. At times this was a bit tricky because some flowers had double meanings. Let’s try another one…

Sweet basil – The aromatic herb to keep you healthy | sweet basil|  agriculture| herbal garden| Sweet basil usage| sweet basil health benefits
Basil: to show hate
Why lavender names are so confusing - and how to make it clear
Lavender Flowers: for betrayal
Oleander Flower; a warning to someone you mistrust

This message might be interpreted to say;

I hate you for betraying me, I’ll never trust you again

Victoria LK Williams