Meet Morgan Best

I’m so pleased to introduce you to another writer who has a fondness for holiday writing…

Morgan Best writes several series (The Kitchen Witch, Witches and Wine, Australian Amateur Sleuth, Sea Witch Cozy Mysteries Witch Woods Funeral Home, His Ghoul Friday, Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries and the Prime Time Crime series) all in the cozy genre and her books can be found on all the major outlets. Her books are also available in print, large print and audio. Wow, I’m exhausted just naming her series, let alone all the fantastic books (43)!

Morgan Best

It’s obvious Morgan is a busy woman, so let’s get right into her interview!

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 Why did you write a holiday theme mystery? 
I write a Halloween story every year for The Kitchen Witch series. Amelia’s ancestor promised that her descendants would do a Halloween spell for another woman’s ancestors, so the lucky woman is Jasmine. Every year, Jasmine comes to Amelia’s small Aussie town, and Amelia is honor-bound to do a spell for her. Something always goes wrong with hilarious results. This year, Jasmine asks her to do a truth spell.

Is writing your full-time career? Or would you like it to be? 
I started writing years ago. Random House solicited a book of mine, but a comedy of errors followed. In 2003, I paid out my literary agent and decided to go Indie. Back then, it was only print. I’ve been a full-time author since late 2010.

What is your favorite childhood book? 
Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree.
When I was a kid, I also loved reading books about animals, but most animals came to a horrible end. I have no idea why authors thought children would want to read about animals being harmed. I think that’s why I write cozy mysteries, where animals are perfectly safe and only people are harmed. 😉

What do you do when you are not writing? 
I pretty much write every waking minute, but when I’m not writing, I go to football (AFL- Aussie football) games (or watch them on TV), read, do something with the garden, take the dogs for walks, and run or ride the bike.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why? 
Amelia Spelled is a terrible baker. I based her cooking abilities on mine, so I enjoy writing about her baking disasters. In an earlier book, Amelia is making a no-bake cake. She has to soak cookies in sherry overnight. She doesn’t have sherry, so she soaks the cookies in Scotch whisky instead. All the guests get drunk.
This actually happened to me. I had a dinner party for my work colleagues back in the day. I didn’t have any sherry, but I found an old bottle of Scotch whisky in a cupboard—my ex-husband had left it there. I served everyone the no-bake cake filled with Scotch whisky-soaked cookies. Everyone ended up extremely drunk, and the next morning I had the most terrible hangover.

Here are 2 more books by Morgan, be sure to visit her website and signup for her newsletter to keep up with the next book.

Halloween decorations are going up and the nights are getting cooler. Now is the perfect time to download a holiday tale, curl up with a cup of hot cider and get in a Halloween mood.

A Different Kind of Halloween

It’s Halloween night, and I’m having second doubts!


For some reason this year, I guess for many reasons this year, we decided not to celebrate Halloween. There’s no spooky ghosts in our front trees; there are no Halloween lights, and no witch at the door to welcome our little trick-or-treaters. It all sounded perfectly rational when we made the decision to let Halloween pass us by this year. Now, on all hollows eve, I’m beginning to think we were crazy. We’re missing out on all the fun. The fun of watching the little kids come to the door begging for their tricks or treats. Or watching the teenagers try to play it cool, not wanting to admit they still want to get their candy, too.


Instead were huddled in a dark house; the shades are drawn and the lights are off. All in the fear that people will know that we are home, not answering the door. (I feel like the Kranks, who skipped Christmas.) We cringe at the sound of laughter as the kids skip up and down the road outside our home, praying they don’t walk up our sidewalks. It seems silly to worry about what the neighbors think of how you celebrate your holiday. Let’s be honest; it’s a silly holiday to begin with. Mostly just for fun and a little bit of fright. Maybe it wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t a  holiday that in the past, I go all out for. Witches would swing from the trees, lights glow from pumpkins and ghosts blow in the wind.


Well, I’ve made the decision. Now I have to sit here with my husband and our kittens, pretending not to be home.  I hear the children giggling and laughing as they start to walk up the dark path to my front door. A word of warning from a vigilant parent and they go to the next house, leaving us behind. Well, you can be bet that next year my house will be decorated the hilt! You’ll be able to tell that our house is ready for Halloween from down the street. Yes, next year I’m going to makeup for this year’s mistake.

In the meantime everybody have a happy, spooky Halloween!