Magic or Stress?



There’s a certain magic in the air when you get ready to start a new project.

Ideas are popping, seemingly out of nowhere. Your thoughts are racing in all different directions and sometimes it’s hard to rein them in for sorting. This is an exciting time for anyone about to begin something new, but especially for an author. We’re taking a simple thought, expanding and creating, until we have a story to tell.
Whether it be a romance, mystery, fantasy, thriller, or anything else; it’s something we want to create and share.
Sometimes it’s a continuation of an old idea. For example, continuing a series, writing a sequel, or finishing a trilogy. With these type of books, we’re merely continuing an old idea. or expanding on it, making it better each time we write the next. We may or may not produce a complete outline for all the books. Whether or not we have the outline; our thoughts will continue, and ideas will spring forth.
But there’s a side to the creativity which is fearful as well. This is overwhelmingly evident for me when I start a new series. I’m leaving the comfort of the characters already created, the settings I’ve already got down pat in my head, and the storyline. But there are times when you know it’s necessary to move on. And when you move on, fear begins.
Will my readers like my idea for the series? When do they fall in love with my characters as I do? Would I want to visit the settings created on the pages? Or will the whole thing just be a flop!
But when I start a new series, I trust my ideas and I move forward, squashing down the fear in my eagerness to get my ideas onto paper.
Not every idea will work out, or make it into a story. But once I find the idea I can’t forget, that haunts me during the day, makes me wake up at night and has me talking about it to my husband, then I know I’m ready to put the idea into book form.
I think this is why I have several series going at once. Not every idea will fit a certain series, so I create another. And with each creation, there’s an elevated level of excitement that needs to be toned down, so the words come out and make sense.

Being a writer is more than just putting words on a page. It’s also about juggling ideas and letting them form with questions.
And knowing which ones to pursue.

Victoria LK Williams

Under the Currents


Ever wonder?

I’m sitting on a bench by the river and I can clearly see that there is a current that runs through the water some days it’s not so noticeable but today is definitely a strong currents you can watch the lines in the water as it moves from  North to South. Occasionally a boat will go against the current which accents the flow the current even more to your visualize

But if you ever wondered what’s going on under the current? Yes, I know there is fish and dolphins and even some dreaded alligators, but there’s so much more. My wandering imagination makes wonder are if there mermaids under the water’s depths?

Every so often, you will notice a fish jump out of the water as if  running from something. Is that a mermaid pulling on the fish’s tail and are they jumping to get away? That sounds much more interesting than they’re just jumping from the big fish. And if  mermaids are under there, how far do you go with your imagination? Is there a whole city? Does the river lead to Atlantis?
If not, then maybe a community where the Dolphins and the mermaids play together, where sea horses are raced for fun. Occasionally, a human might drive down snorkeling and just catch a glimpse of the fun that’s going on beneath the surface and wonder if what they are seeing is true.

As I sit on the bench I wonder did they laugh at us and human attempts to traverse their underwater their home?  From snorkeling, swimming, to kayaking, paddle boards and motorboats, we all are trying to enjoy the water they live in. Did they laugh at our feet and toes? Do our feeble attempts to maneuver around in their habitats cause them to giggle with mirth?

Those occasional times when I wander into the waters, I find strands of seaweed underfoot. Is that seaweed, or is it the reins of a seahorse or a mermaid’s hair that tangles around my ankles?  Would the mer-people help me if I couldn’t free myself? I would like to think so.

Well that’s enough wondering of my imagination. Time to put my feet firmly back on the ground and get back to reality.

But it makes you think, right?