AnOther Writer?

I think I have a budding writer in the family.

She’s not your typical writer. No, her work habits are lazy and hap-hazard. She tends to write only when inspired by seeing someone else working, and she  often falls asleep in the middle of a sentence.

You see my co-writer is a pretty little thing, with four legs and a lot of attitude.20160902_080826

Meet Miss Marple. She’s the quiet one of my three cats.and if I’m at my desk, so is she. To tell the truth, she should have been named Shadow, because she is like my shadow, always with me.

Miss Marple is patient and seems to know my writing moods. When things are flowing smoothly, she sits in her basket (how she still fits in it I haven’t a clue) and grabs a nap. When I need to sit and think about the story, she will sit on my lap, hands or keyboard and offer her support.

Of course things don’t always go this smoothly, after all, she’s a cat with a mind of her own. And one of three in the house. I swear, when she thinks I’ve ignored her long enough, she signals the other two for reinforcements!

The second cat is Fletch.  She was named Mrs. Fletcher, but my son insisted Fletch was more appropriate-he was right. If there is trouble to be found, Fletch is in the middle of it. And she is not so tolerant of being ignored while I write.


When the reinforcements are called in, my desk becomes their play ground. Drawers are opened for stealing paperclips and rubber bands. The pen in my hand is  mortal enemy that must be attacked and defeated. Urgent secret codes are typed into my manuscript as they pounce on the key board. And the back of my chair is commandeered and transformed into a launch pad.

Then, just as I’m ready to give up and pack it in, there is peace. As if sent by a secret code, they both settle down.


Did I mention my third cat, Speckles? She is the matriarch of the three, over 18 years old. She’s too old to jump up on my desk, now. Instead she sits in the comfortable chair next to my desk, or on a rug in a patch of sunlight and watches the antics of the other two. In her time, she was the troublemaker. I think I can see her smile as Fletch steals my pen.

I wonder…is she sending them a secret code?

Finally, all three are taking their afternoon nap and I can get back to my work in progress. At least until they wake up and it starts all over.

Cool Cats!

Just what is it about the cold-weather that brings out the crazy in the cat? Any pet owner, be it dog or cat, will attest to the fact that when the weather turns chilly, cats and dogs get just a little bit frisky!


This morning was a perfect example. We had our first cold spell of the season; we broke a couple of records, it was that chilly. But instead of our cats cuddling up next to us in a nice warm bed, they woke up acting crazy. They run from one end of the house together, knocking over anything in their way. Jumping on and over each other going just 50 miles an hour running in circles, they are overflowing with energy. I looked over at my husband, and we wonder; what next?


Where did my cuddly little kittens go that like to curl up under a warm blanket? Instead, I have these little Tasmanian Devils that keep running from one end to the house to the next, looking for trouble. They’re getting into things that have been there for months that they’ve never even noticed. They’re pulling blankets down, knocking bowls of water over as they race by in a whirl. They’re terrorizing our older cat, who’s looking at them with a smug smile on her face. But, I noticed that the older cat has a little spring in her step as well.

And I know  when we had our dog it was the same thing; he would jump up in the air, run around in the yard rolling over and over in the leaves, happy as could be.


But as the day wears on, and the sun comes out and warms the air, I notice that all is quiet in the house. I search for my little trouble-makers, and find them in the sunniest spot of the porch. There, my feline friends are curled up together, sucking up the warmth of the sun.

They’ve worn themselves out and are enjoying their afternoon nap.

A Different Kind of Halloween

It’s Halloween night, and I’m having second doubts!


For some reason this year, I guess for many reasons this year, we decided not to celebrate Halloween. There’s no spooky ghosts in our front trees; there are no Halloween lights, and no witch at the door to welcome our little trick-or-treaters. It all sounded perfectly rational when we made the decision to let Halloween pass us by this year. Now, on all hollows eve, I’m beginning to think we were crazy. We’re missing out on all the fun. The fun of watching the little kids come to the door begging for their tricks or treats. Or watching the teenagers try to play it cool, not wanting to admit they still want to get their candy, too.


Instead were huddled in a dark house; the shades are drawn and the lights are off. All in the fear that people will know that we are home, not answering the door. (I feel like the Kranks, who skipped Christmas.) We cringe at the sound of laughter as the kids skip up and down the road outside our home, praying they don’t walk up our sidewalks. It seems silly to worry about what the neighbors think of how you celebrate your holiday. Let’s be honest; it’s a silly holiday to begin with. Mostly just for fun and a little bit of fright. Maybe it wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t a  holiday that in the past, I go all out for. Witches would swing from the trees, lights glow from pumpkins and ghosts blow in the wind.


Well, I’ve made the decision. Now I have to sit here with my husband and our kittens, pretending not to be home.  I hear the children giggling and laughing as they start to walk up the dark path to my front door. A word of warning from a vigilant parent and they go to the next house, leaving us behind. Well, you can be bet that next year my house will be decorated the hilt! You’ll be able to tell that our house is ready for Halloween from down the street. Yes, next year I’m going to makeup for this year’s mistake.

In the meantime everybody have a happy, spooky Halloween!

And so it begins…


“If we are the trees, words are our roots; and we grow as we write” 
 Munia Khan



As I mentioned in my last post; there has been some changes in our home over the past few months. The cutest change is the edition of our two new kittens, but there are other changes going on as well.

Probably the biggest change for my husband & me, is the graduation of our son. In four weeks he has off to college and we’ll become “empty-nesters.” So, as he begins his new adventure we will be settling into a routine of our own, not unlike what we had when we first got married.


Another new change in my life is a commitment to my writing. I have one book under my belt a second one being looked over by the editors and a third one that I’ve got a good start on. I even have outlines for another whole series.  I am designing a website, and learning all I can about every aspect of putting my books together.


Probably one of the most interesting things about this writing adventure, is finding a little bit more about myself. That and doing research on things that I never even thought of before. As I take my characters into new adventures, I want to make sure that the story that I’m telling my readers is accurate. A little bit of education isn’t hurting me either; it is actually sparking some new life into my writing.

So as I enter this new phase of my life I’m excited about it and I invite you follow along as you read my blogs and share my adventures.



My blog post been few and far between us last month, but I have a good excuse, really!

We’ve had a recent addition to our home; two sweet little kittens and, boy, are they distracting. It’s amazing just what they find to get into. That new play toy  they just discovered, and are having such fun with; it is such an everyday item to me, something I don’t give a second thought to. But to these two inquisitive little beings; it’s new, it’s exciting and it’s something that needs to be tested out.


When I’m sitting at my desk writing, I find that tapping away at my keyboard also means tapping away at little paws. They want to walk across the keyboard, or they find something interesting on the screen that they think they can touch, regardless of what I am working on. But, of course, that’s not possible, and, after trying to get to the object on the screen a few times, they lose interest. Soon they’ll find something else to play with for a while; like chasing pens and paperclips or fighting with each other over a rubber band. Then all of a sudden they’re tired and, just like that, they just plop down wherever they want too for a quick nap. It might be across the top of my keyboard, it might be my lap or lately my shoulder (one has a particular fondness for this area).

fletch & Speckles

To create some order, peace and quiet in my office, I’ve had to go get a second-cat bed for my desk. Our old 18-year-old is tolerant, but she is also set in her ways, and the introduction of these two new kittens is been a little bit stressful for her. She doesn’t want to give up her spot on the desk (who can blame her) but she’s willing to share; as long as they keep to their own space. So there are now two cat-beds on my desk, each at separate ends. That’s not much room for work, but there’s plenty of room for two kittens and one old cat.

all three on desk

So, I apologize for being lax in my promised blogs, but clearly I have a good excuse. As the kittens settle down and life becomes more routine for all of us, I’m sure I’ll be less distracted and will get back to writing mode.

And I’ll be catching up soon, at least until they do something else that is cute and entertaining!