The Half Way Mark!

So, I thought I would check in and let you all know how my first experience with Camp NaNoWriMo is going.


First of all, I’m super impressed at how much support a writer gets when they go to camp.  There are multiple forums to join to ask and answer question, compare data and have some old-fashioned fun.  There are poles to take, jokes to share and challenges to met.

And then there are your cabin mates.  In my cabin of 12, there are 7 of us that text back and forth with each other, offering support, and keeping each other up to date on our word counts.

Word Count’s that’s what it’s really all about.  Getting the story done by the end of the month and meeting your word counts.

I’m pleased to say that I have just surpassed by half way point on word count – 25768 out of 50000! I never thought I would get half the words done by the end of the month, but it looks like I’m actually going to meet my goal.  Maybe even before the end of the month.  Me, the all time master of procrastination!

I decided that I need a little inspiration and reward. So I contacted my illustrator, and she created a cover for this project.  As always she did a great job, and it was just what I needed.

Basic RGB

Well, I’m signing out for now.  Gotta get back to my work in progress.  The end of the month will be here before I know it, and I’ll let you know how I did then.

Until then, keep reading…maybe a Citrus Beach Mystery???