I can’t believe that is has been over five years since I published my first Citrus Beach Mystery! I now have four books in the series published, one waited to be edited and the sixth is started.

I’ve also written the first two books in my new series, Sister Station. This series is about two sister who take over the families old train station and create something special through love and faith. Book 2 is in the works.

Storm Voices is my paranormal cozy mystery series, 2 books published and I’m finishing up #3.

There are also plan and outlines for two new series, full of mystery and adventure. Watch for Mrs. Avery’s Adventures and Haunting Sunshine.

Here in this blog, you will find random thoughts about the books I am currently working on, or plans for future work.  I’ve already found that now that I’ve started writing, the thoughts and ideas just keep coming.  And they are piling up like the paperwork on my desk, just  waiting for my attention, regardless of the so few hours in a day!

I hope that you will enjoy the ride and come back often to see how I’m doing.  Feel free to like my FB page  Victoria LK Williams  or follow me on Twitter or Google+ where I post great pictures of FL, inspirational and comic quotes and what every grabs my attention at that moment. To find out more about my writing and upcoming books, stop by my website — www.victorialkwilliams.com

IMG_1305 (1)Victoria LK Williams 




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