Let’s say Hi to Emily Selby

Emily Selby

Emily is the author of the Career Crisis Cafe Mystery Series, Seaside Bookshop Mysteries, and her new series, The Paper Crafts Club Mystery. She is a craft lover and cozy mystery reader when she isn’t writing.

Cards, Capers and Christmas Miracles                    by Emily Selby

It’s almost Christmas and Julia, age 10 and 9 months has a big worry: will her dad come to collect her so that she could spend the holidays with him, as planned?

But Dad has to work longer and gets delayed again, and Julia is in need of a serious miracle, just like another 10-y.o girl, T, who is visiting the vicarage. Both girls hope for a happy Christmas spend with their loving parents, but they get involved in a suspicious activity: someone steals a money box with a charity collection and empties Sunnyvale’s residents’ bank cards.

Will Julia and T discover who the thief is before he steals Christmas? But more importantly, will the girls’ fathers realise that all their daughters want for Christmas is time spent with their loving parents?

What quirky Christmas tradition does your character do every year?

Julia and her mum, Katie, always make their own Christmas cards, often combining materials and techniques. They have a special jar for various small objects (such as buttons, bottle caps, ribbons, etc.) that they collect over the months and use while making cards. The jar is called “Finders-Keepers”. Both, Julia and Katie, love looking through its contents in search for the ideas for their crafts.

What was your favorite or most memorable gift you got as a child?

When I was 9, my parents got a piano as a Christmas present for the entire family.

Speaking as your character, what is your (their) favorite thing about Christmas?

For Julia, it’s spending time with her nearest and dearest, eating yummy food and watching Christmas lights.

If you had to describe your character in three words, what would those three words be?

Julia is creative, sensitive, and observant

How does this story connect with your other books or series?

Cards, Capers, and Christmas Miracles is story which belongs to Paper Crafts Club Mysteries series, set in a fictional town Sunnyvale in the North-East of England. The main character, Katie is Julia’s mum. Julia often features in other books in the series, sometimes helping with the investigations, sometimes–not. In this story, it’s Julia’s turn to show off her detective skills and figure out who tries to steal Christmas.


Meet Daisy Linh

Daisy Linh

Daisy lives in Maine with her husband, but she comes from Australia. Daisy is the author of the Barossa Valley Cozy Mystery Series.

Malbec and Mistletoe                                                by Daisy Linh
It’s been a long 12 months for Jasmine Mai, but Christmas is looming, and nothing’s going to ruin the party she’s had planned at her winery, Simpatico Wine Estate. So when her groundskeeper collapses in the middle of her cooking class and is rushed to hospital, closely followed by a slew of other mysterious similar illnesses in the community, something doesn’t feel as Christmas-y as she wishes. While everyone else is juggling Christmas puddings and parties, Jasmine finds herself on a one woman mission to catch what evil is lurking in her town. That is…if it doesn’t catch her first. Join Jasmine in this stand alone Christmas novella set in the world of the Barossa Valley Mysteries and meet the chaotic but loavable charaters who live there.

Can you share an enticing (50 words or less) snippet that isn’t in the blurb?

“Ms Mai,” he moaned, his face ghostly white.

“Wayne, are you okay?” I asked, kneeling beside him, scared to hear his answer.

He did not look okay.

“Ms Mai,” he reached out and touched my wrist, his fingers just as clammy as his face. “Call the doctor,” he groaned. “Now.”

If you had to describe your character in three words, what would those three words be?

The three words I would use to describe my main character is: good hearted, curious and a FOODIE!

If your book was to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it?

My female sleuth would definitely by played by Lara Condor – who plays the lead in To All The Boys I Loved Before. She’s a little young, but definitely the fun, quirky, clumsy but cute vibe that Jasmine is. AND she’s half Vietnamese which is perfect! Riley Hansen the Senior Detective would be played by Liam Hemsworth, of course

Why did you choose the setting for your book?

Malbec and Mistletoe is set in Barossa Valley, South Australia’s premier wine country. Upuntil three years ag, I lived about an hour from Barossa Valley (currently living in Maine, USA for a few years) and it is one of my favourite places on earth. Full of good food, amazing restaurants and gorgeous vineyards.

How does this story connect with your other books or series? This book can be read as a standalone but falls in the Barossa Valley Mysteries world about a year after Jasmine Mai has returned home after her divorce. All the quirky town characters make an appearance…including a few new ones.

Meet Cathy Tully

Cathy Tully

Cathy is the author of the Dr. Susannah Shine ChiroCozy Mystery Series. But she is also a chiropractor in “real-life” too! She lives in a small Georgia town with her husband and rescue cats.

The Purloined Poinsettia                                           by Cathy Tully

Christmas is coming, and office manager Larraine Moore is looking forward to her duties on the Decorating Committee at her church when the order of poinsettias is cancelled. Together with her boss, Dr. Susannah Shine, they follow the trail of purloined poinsettias down a candy cane lane of clues that leads to murder.

What was your favorite or most memorable gift you got as a child?

My most memorable gift I got as a child was a scarecrow target game. I found a picture of it online and I remember it a little differently, but who am I to contradict the Google machine.

If you had to describe your character in three words, what would those three words be?

My main character, Dr. Susannah Shine is determined, loyal and single-minded.

 Why did you choose that as the setting for your book?

My story is set in small-town Peach Grove Georgia. I’m originally from New York and the whole series is a kind of ‘fish out of water’ story. Most cozies have a protagonist who comes home to inherit a business, but in my life, I had the opposite experience. I opened a business in a new place far from where I grew up, and a lot of the elements in my first book came from what I did to get the business up and running. I joined a business association and went to the town craft fair, not knowing that those are very common elements in cozies. I also had to build secondary characters that were able to feed the MC information, so my side-kicks were born. One of whom is described as having family members all around the county.

Can you share an enticing (50 words or less) snippet that isn’t in the blurb.

“Girl,” Iris said, “I saw you slip some of those Krispy Kreme donuts in your purse when you thought no one was looking. Pony up and share.”

“So long as you take those chocolate covered Oreos out of yours.”

Iris winked and purred. “I didn’t think you noticed.”

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? My Favorite Christmas movie is ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. I love the story because George Baily is such a steadfast character, and if you see how I describe Dr. Susannah, I could have used the word steadfast for her. I love the idea that we all influence each other’s lives but don’t realize it. Also Mr. Potter is a great villain, very easy to dislike him.

Take a Christmas moment for reading!

Miss Marple, Fletch and I want to wish you all a blessed Christmas. I hope you will have a wonderful holiday with familly and friends and share all the love the season brings. Things are still tough for a lot of people out there, so I encourage you to do what you can to spread some cheer. Even if it’s a simple smile and and pleasent word, you never know how special that can mean to someone.

For the week of Christmas I have lowered the price of my Cozy Christmas Collection to $.99 from $7.99. It’s four complete books with a Christmas theme to each of them. I hope you will get the opportunity to read one or two or all four during the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

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Meet Moira Bates!

“Moira Bates resides in the Lone Star State with her husband and a small menagerie of four-legged creatures. A long-time teller of tall tales, she finally decided to start writing them down.”
Moira is the author of the Poppy’s Food Truck Mystery series and the Midlife Mystery series.

Claus of Death                                                            by Moira Bates

Deep in the heart of Texas, where mayhem and mysteries roam—spend the holidays with the people of Baseless. Julia Jane Melvin is forty-something and fierce, and she’s throwing the party of the year in an attempt to get Baseless on the map—literally. She’s even hired “Santa to the Stars,” Ike Cumberland of Muleshoe, Texas. Poppy Price is a rising food-star, so she easily won the bid to cater. People come from miles around for her creations—and she is best friends with Julia’s son—no one else would do. When they promise attendees it will be an evening to remember, they mean it.

You can read more about Julia and Poppy in their respective series: MidLife Mysteries and Poppy’s Food Truck Mysteries, by Moira Bates. Moira resides in Texas with her husband and a menagerie of four-legged creatures. A long-time teller of tales, she finally decided to start writing them down.

What quirky Christmas tradition does your character do every year?

Julia Jane Melvin dresses the whole family—young adult children, cats, everyone—in matching pajamas. She is fond of flannel and fleece, which isn’t always a great fit with Christmas in Central Texas. But those who love her sweat it out (literally) and carry on the tradition. Poppy doesn’t have her own traditions—yet. That might change after this year.

What was your favorite or most memorable gift you got as a child?

When I was eight, my parents dropped me off at my grandparents’ house at Thanksgiving and told me I couldn’t come home until Christmas. (I still saw them every day, I just didn’t go to our house.) On Christmas Eve, my dad and uncles carried a mammoth package into the room. I wanted the Charlie’s Angels Townhouse for Christmas, but it was unavailable. Instead, my parents had spent weeks creating one for me—including handmade furniture, quilts to match the wallpaper in each bedroom, and a fireplace built from rocks and mortar. The gift I asked for would have been destroyed and forgotten in a few months; the one I got was played with by generations and still lives at my house.

If your book was to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it?

I have celeb inspo on my social media feed—Julia is definitely Kim Cattrall, and Poppy is Janine Turner, circa 1997.

Can you share an enticing (50 words or less) snippet that isn’t in the blurb?

Ben knocked gently on the door to Robby’s home office, but I pushed around him and rushed into the room. I don’t know what I expected to see, but it was not Santa reclining on the loveseat, scratching his… um… jingle bells… with chocolate staining his white beard.

How does this story connect with your other books or series? Claus of Death is a crossover story that takes place a few months after the first books in each series. My intention was to give readers a feel for the characters in Baseless and the kind of crazy shenanigans they get up to. The mystery itself is pretty easy to solve, but the people are hard to forget.

Meet Mr. Benedict Brown!

Benedict Brown

Benedict orginalates from South London, but now lives in Burgos, north of Spain with his wife and daughter. He writes two cozy mystery series; the Izzy Palmer Mysteries and the best selling Lord Edgington Investigates series. He has a love of crime fiction an a MA in Creative Writing–a great combination that his reads get to enjoy. You can find out more about author #15 in our anthology by stopping by his website.

A Corpse Wrapped in Tinsel                                     by Benedict Brown
When (semi-)famous detective Izzy Palmer is dragged along to a London department store to see Santa by her eccentric best friend, she expects whiny kids and bossy parents, not a dead Mrs Claus wrapped in tinsel. Charged with getting to the truth, Izzy must face off against caroling police officers, the most handsome Father Christmas south of the North Pole and three elves who all claim to be the killer. It’s not the Christmas present she was hoping for, but at least this case comes with a free toy!!

What was your favorite or most memorable gift you got as a child?

When I was about five years old, I got up one morning and there was a ring at the door. I opened it to find a small brown bear with a card saying, “My name is Bertie, please look after me.” I have done my best ever since, and he’s still with me as an adult. When I was a kid, I thought this was the most magical thing that had ever happened, and I plan to recreate the moment for my three-year-old daughter before long.

What would be a great gift for your character?

This is the second Christmas in a row when Izzy Palmer has ended up investigating a murder, though she’s supposed to be enjoying the holiday. I think the best Christmas present for her would be a corpse-less Christmas.

Your story is set in London. Why did you choose that as the setting for your book?

Like Izzy, I grew up in a fairly unremarkable suburb in South London. So far in the series, she’s been out to the countryside, over to Spain (where I now live) and flown up to Scotland for Christmas. But London remains the anchor point of the series. For me, in terms of culture, it’s one of the richest cities in the world and I never get bored of going back. That makes it a great place to set murder mysteries and that’s why book four in the series, “A Corpse in London” is a love letter to my home city.

How does this story connect with your other books or series?

This novella is a standalone which follows my most recent novel, ‘A Corpse in a Quaint English Village’. It references a few of Izzy’s other cases, without giving any mysteries away. It’s the fourth Izzy Palmer novella I’ve written and the eleventh entry in the series overall. The only real spoiler in the story is that, unlike in the very first book when Izzy had a job that she hated, she is now a not very well-paid private detective. I have another series set in the nineteen twenties called “Lord Edgington Investigates…” and I managed to link them a tiny bit in the last Izzy novel, but it’s not too easy when they’re set one hundred years apart.

If your book was to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it? I get a lot of comments from people saying that The Izzy Palmer Mysteries should be made into a TV show and people have strong opinions on who would be the best actress for the part. The most common name is Phoebe Waller-Bridge from Fleabag. It would take someone with good comic timing who is around thirty, can speak with a British accent and is very tall and, so I’m glad I’m not casting it myself!

Meet Mary B. Barbee!

Mary B Barbee

Mary is the author of the Amish Lantern Mystery series. She hails from Sokane, Washington, where she live with her family and a “really cut-but sometimes naughty-chihuahua.

Peppermint Twist                                                       by Mary B. Barbee

When travel journalist Sophia Adams learns that she has a special Christmas assignment in the small town of Breeze, Washington, she couldn’t be more excited. But after coming close to hitting a young man with her rental car on the way into town, she worries that this might not be the Christmas experience she was expecting.

Convinced that a visit to the Amish bakery the next morning would fix everything, the investigative reporter quickly notices that, despite the delicious treats, there isn’t a whole lot of peace on earth happening in Breeze.

Armed with her camera and pen in hand, Sophia discovers that the small town contains wonderful Christmas lights, spectacular camera shots, edge-of-your-seat action …and a peppermint tea that is simply to die for.

What was your favorite or most memorable gift you got as a child?

My most memorable Christmas gift as a child was a Hasbro Pound Puppy (this was in the 80s – ha!). I remember the toy like it was yesterday – his name was Charlie on the adoption certificate, and he was light brown with dark brown spots and big floppy ears. To this day, I’m a big supporter of rescuing pups. I think Charlie might have inspired me at a young age.

Why did you choose Breeze as the setting for your book?

Peppermint Twist is set in a fictional small town called Breeze, located about an hour’s drive northwest of Spokane, Washington. I chose it because it’s my stomping ground! I moved to the Spokane area a little over two years ago, and I just love it here. This is my first time creating a story set near my hometown, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Can you share an enticing (50 words or less) snippet that isn’t in the blurb?

“Wait. Are you going to arrest them?” Sophia asked in a whisper. She was fighting back tears of her own.

“You can’t do this, Lacey,” Sophia urged.

Lacey gave Sophia an intense look before she leaned in and whispered, “Unfortunately, I can’t NOT do this.” Her head hung low, she turned to walk away.

How does this story connect with your other books or series?

Peppermint Twist is the second book in my new spinoff series, The Faith Afar Mysteries. The main character, Sophia Adams, is a travel journalist for a faith tourism magazine named Faith Afar, and she travels to a new assignment in each book.

I introduced Sophia Adams as a supporting character in book four of my first standalone mystery series, The Amish Lantern Mystery Series, and the idea for the spinoff grew from there. Writing The Faith Afar Mysteries has been so fun – and challenging! – with only one main character in common in each book, and new characters and a new setting to explore in each new story.

What would be a great gift for your character?

A good, practical gift for Sophia Adams would be a subscription for grocery delivery. She is a busy woman, and can’t seem to find time to keep her kitchen stocked when she’s home!

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It’s time to Meet Rosie Meleady

Rosie Meleady

Award winning Rosie is the author of two series; A Rosie Life in Italy, the story of her adventures renovating an derelict villa in Italy, and the Deadly Wedding Cozy Mystery. You can follow Rosie on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her adventures.

Jingle Bones    by Rosie Meleady

Irish wedding planner Daisy Dell is an international expert on everything weddings, especially in Italy. But sometimes, a dash of murder and mystery finds its way past her up the aisle.

When asked to organise a simple Christmas wedding in Puglia, Daisy was not expecting a weekend of mayhem and possibly murder. Not only have the wedding funds gone missing, but also the Basilica’s most precious relics… Santa Claus’s bones.

What was your favorite or most memorable gift you got as a child?

When I was 9 years old, I asked for a gold bike and Santa (my mum) bought a second hand one and sprayed it gold. I was so happy Christmas morning even though the paint was still sticky! I also got the game ‘Guess Who?’ from my older sister that year and I loved that game, I felt I was being a detective! I still do like games like that. My daughter bought me ‘Code Names’ last Christmas and it really gets the brain juices working, I love it.

Your story is set in Puglia, Italy. Why did you choose that as the setting for your book?

I visited the Basilica in Puglia, where the story is based, about 5 years ago. There was a full orchestra and choir practicing for the feast of St Nicholas and it blew me away. I had a great guide who told me so many stories attached to the place that I wanted to find a way to combine them into a fictional story someday, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Speaking as your character, what is your favorite thing about Christmas?

As an event planner I’m at parties 3 times a week most of the year so I like the silent nights of Christmas. I like being on my own and being completely cut off from the world without having to take calls or do work. Just me and Shadow (my dog), curled up on the sofa reading and drinking thick Italian hot chocolate.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

The original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I still watch it every Christmas morning. I just realized I describe some of the characters in my book ‘Jingle Bones’ as Oompa Lumpas, so this is a very fitting question!

How does this story connect with your other books or series? All the books in my Deadly Wedding Cozy Mystery series are based in different regions of Italy. I moved from Ireland to Italy three years ago and I love discovering quirky historical facts about places I visit so I try to weave some of these into my stories. As my main character is a wedding planner, all my mysteries have a wedding being planned in the background. I have been a destination wedding planner for 20 years, so I drop in some fun stuff that I’ve experienced at weddings too, as sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

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Meet Aubrey Elle

Aubrey Elle

Aubrey Elle writes both cozy mysteries and romantic suspense as Amabel Daniels. She spends her time during the day with her daughter and working in her Ottawa Hills, Ohio garden. The evenings are filled with writing her amazing books.

Poison and Poinsettias                                              by Aubrey Elle
Instead of enjoining a quiet off-season, Madis Harrah and her landscapers arrange a holiday plant sale just before Christmas. As if that’s not enough chaos, her best friends are due to marry in the old conservatory at the estate. Flowers are delivered, and as Madis and her crew store them near the wedding site, they realize Zarsettia’s Poinsettias has brought something else along—a dead body! Someone has poisoned the owner of the poinsettia farm, and all three employees are suspects. Is there a chance Madis can figure out who the killer is before the Christmas wedding plans come undone?

If you had to describe your character in three words, what would those three words be?

Three words to describe Madis Harrah, the main character of the Madis Harrah Mysteries, would be hardworking, rock’n’roll fanatic, sarcastic.

How does this story connect with your other books or series?

Poison and Poinsettias connects to the Madis Harrah Mysteries series as a little extra seasonal story in her misfortunes as a landscaper. Even though December isn’t a month of business for her in landscaping, she’s still involved with a holiday poinsettia sale…as long as the owner of the supplier doesn’t bring any more corpses with the flowers.

Your story is set in xxx. Why did you choose that as the setting for your book?

Poison and Poinsettias are set in a fictional small town named Payton in Ohio. I chose the small-town life in my home state because it is familiar and comfy for me to imagine mysteries. The precise setting of this story is the house of Madis’s best friend, Rachel. Many of the details about this grand old house are derived from my times of landscaping and gardening at an estate manor house at a local park near home.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Hands down, it’s got to be A Christmas Story. Oh, fudge! I love the family’s humor and the detail of the time of the setting.

What was your favorite or most memorable gift you got as a child?

Books. All of them, any of them, and too many to count. I was a bookworm from an early age and a book was always a guaranteed favorite gift to receive.

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Meet Brook Peterson, mystery author

Brook Peterson writes delightful cozy mysteries that I really have enjoyed! You can find her ebooks in the major wide stores and get signed copies from her Etsy Shop. Her print books can be found on Amazon. You can follow Brook on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

A word from Brook:

For as long as I can remember I have been reading mysteries. By the time I was about ten, I was writing my own and turning them into little stapled paperbacks for my family to read.

I’m thrilled to be writing and publishing real books to share with all of you mystery lovers out there. My stories are sure to include long-held secrets, an antique or two, and a little bit of romance.

What is your favorite holiday/season (fall, Halloween, winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s)?

My favorite season is spring. I love when the trees start to get their leaves and all the flowering bushes are in full show.

Is there a special way you celebrate the holidays?

I’m lucky to live close to my extended family, so we’re able to be together on most holidays for good food and conversation.

Do you write holiday or seasonal books? If so, please give an example

I currently have one holiday book, “The Present Predicament” is a Christmas Novella and is a companion story to my Jericho Falls Cozy Mysteries. It’s available for free when subscribing to my newsletter, https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/fde6d1ee-4ebf-11eb-b968-cb381dcb659d

and also for sale as an ebook on all major retailers and in print via Amazon.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

            Yes! I was a voracious reader as a kid and by the time I was about ten I knew I wanted to write my own. I started by writing and illustrating (really horrible) stories and making little stapled paperbacks for my family.

What comes first, the plot or characters?

            It’s a back and forth process for me, but I’d say I first start to explore a character and see where he/she takes me.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

            I wrote for my college newspaper. When I was given the assignment to interview the Chief of Police about an on-campus death and later learned that he revealed more to me in the interview than he intended, I was very proud.

What tools of the trade do you use the most?

            I write primarily in GoogleDocs because I love the ease of writing in bed on my laptop, in my office on my desktop, in my car on my phone, etc. It’s always backed up and easy to share with beta readers.

            I’m old school in that I typically keep a spiral notebook going on each story where I write down ideas.

Do you have a favorite character that you have written? If so, who? And what makes them so special.

            I love Grandma Lily from the Jericho Falls Cozy Mysteries. I had close relationships with my grandmothers and now get the pleasure of seeing the special connection my daughter has with my mom and mother-in-law. Grandma Lily is a composite of all these special women.

How did you choose the setting for your book?

I absolutely love gold-mining era history and have visited “ghost towns” such as Virginia City, NV, Silver City, ID, and Idaho City, ID. When I wanted to start a cozy series I decided there wasn’t a better place to set it than an old town with lots of history and lots of secrets. Jericho Falls was born!

What books or authors have most influenced your writing?

            My biggest mystery-writer influence is Sue Grafton. I started her alphabet series featuring P.I. Kinsey Millhone when I was in middle school and impatiently awaited the release of each book in the series. I love her storytelling style, the loveable recurring characters, and the tight mysteries.

There are so many talented authors who share their love of Christmas through their books. If you’re like me, you can’t get enough. Meeting each of these authors and the authors from the Cozy Mystery Christmas Anthology should make your selection a bit easier, I hope!