Say Hello to Joann Keder, Historical Mystery Writer

Joann lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest. A lover of small towns, and nature, her cozy mysteries are the reflection of this. Her series, Pepperville Stories, Piney Falls Mysteries, Emory Bing Mysteries and the Charming Mysteries are written in the 1900s, and one series even has a dual timeline! You can find out more about her books from Joann’s website, purchase her books on Amazon and follow her on Facebook.

What made you decide to write a Historical Cozy?
I’ve always had an interest in history. What fascinates me the most is the unknown: What was an ordinary day like in 1900? Did they have the same sense of humor? Did teenagers have attitudes? So often, what’s recorded in history is more about putting their best foot forward, or giving very perfunctory information. I decided to write a story from the viewpoint of a woman, new to this country, who is actually smarter than her husband.

Tell us what time frame your stories are in and what setting or world?
My story is a dual timeline. The first timeline occurs between 1900 and 1922. The second one is present day. They both take place in the same region, the Pacific Northwest, or specifically, the western Oregon coast.

Who is your protagonist? Tell us a bit about them and why they were chosen.
In the early time frame, Fiona Scheddy is a farm girl who is swept off her feet by an American man. She has grandiose ideas about the country she’ll be entering and instead, finds herself alone in New York City. She is fearless and curious about this new life. That’s both what drives her and what damages her.

The modern day protagonist, Lanie Anders, embodies the modern business woman. She is successful in her career and driven, but also very lonely. She has purposely never had a serious relationship because she worries it will get in the way of her career. The two women are both alike in that they are driven and damaged by their ambition.

What sets your mysteries apart from other cozies?
My stories are a product of a life lived in small towns. I spent most of my life in the middle of the country (USA) where we had to drive two hours to the closest Starbucks. People are odd, but there’s no avoiding them because you don’t have options. Your dentist who talks about his collection of goat’s feet is the same guy who coaches your kid’s soccer team. Even if you changed dentists (to the other one in town) it’s likely you would find yourself in the same situation. Those are the stories are fertile ground for my mysteries.

How much research do you do to create your story, and how much do you include in your books?
For Welcome to Piney Falls, I did about six months of research. I was planning to do more, but that’s when everything shut down. I wasn’t even able to access library materials online, so that’s where I left it. For the third book in that series that takes place in 1940, I did about five months of research. I would love to spend more time, but I need to keep the books coming!

Do you feel the crimes committed in historical cozy are very different from a contemporary cozy?
It really depends on the author. A lot of murders (in real life as well as fictional) take place because emotions take the place of rational thought. That’s something that hasn’t changed through time. That being said, cyber crime has really taken off in cozies. I think the motives at issue are still the same, though.

I love the idea of a dual timeline, and can’t wait to start reading Joann’s books. Be sure to add them to your list as well.

Victoria LK Williams


Meet Historical Cozy Mystery Author Riana Everly

Riana Everly

Riana was born in South Africa, but has lived in Canda since she was eight years old. She has a degree in Medieval Studies and is a classical musician. She and her family live in Toronto (I love that city, I honeymooned there!) and she enjoys photography, reading, and cooking when she’s not writing. Riana is the author of the Miss Mary Investigates series. Her books are available in ebook and paperback. Visit her Website to find out where to get her books. And don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Twitter. For more information about her books, visit her Amazon Page.

Let’s find out more about Riana and her books…

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What made you decide to write a Historical Cozy?
I’ve always loved mysteries. I cut my teeth on Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven and Famous Five books, and as I grew older, I loved matching wits with Hercule Poirot and Inspector Alleyn. I never thought I’d be able to write a mystery, but the idea was always there in my head.

My second love is historical fiction, and specifically Regency-era fiction. I’m a Jane Austen fan and have written several romances inspired by her works. One day I had the idea that I could set a mystery in the world of Austen’s novels, and the pieces just begin to click together. My two loves were united in one series.

Tell us what time frame your stories are in and what setting or world?
My stories are set during the Regency era in England. Because they are part of the world of Jane Austen’s six novels, they have rather specific dates. The first one, Death of a Clergyman, is set in Hertfordshire in the year 1811, in the fictional world of Pride and Prejudice.

Who is your protagonist? Tell us a bit about them and why they were chosen
My protagonist is Mary Bennet, the boring and forgotten middle sister from Austen’s famous novel. Mary is the one who spouts sermons and plays the piano really badly, but what if there’s more to her? What if, instead of being a pedantic bore, she’s aching for attention? And what if, because she’s so ignored, she is able to see and hear things that other people don’t? Throw in Alexander Lyons, a young investigator from London, who might not be quite what he seems, and you have a duo that readers have come to love.

What sets your mysteries apart from other cozies?
My mysteries are perfect for people who love Austen and Regency romance, as well as a cracking plot. Each mystery in my series is set in a different one of Austen’s novels, although the two sleuths are the same, moving in the society that Austen created so beautifully. The stories, while separate from Austen’s original creations, shed new light on her characters, while keeping to their essences.

How much research do you do to create your story, and how much do you include in your books?
For me, writing historical fiction is all about the research! I know the era well, but there is always a huge amount of extra reading that I need to do before starting to write. Some of the research involves investigative techniques of the time, or what poisons were available where, or how long it would take to ride a horse from Point A to Point B without killing the horse. Some of the research involves reading legal precedent from the times, or reading accounts of London’s slums or great estates out in the counties.

A lot of this research informs my stories, and a lot makes it into the novels, but I do try to keep it organic and part of the story. I won’t write a treatise on slavery laws, for example, but I might have my characters discuss some aspects that are important to the plot. I take the history part of historical research seriously, but ultimately, mysteries are about entertainment and I want to keep it fun.

Do you feel the crimes committed in historical cozy are very different from a contemporary cozy?
In essence, I don’t think the crimes are that different. The details might vary to account for changes in technology, but crime is (sadly) an intrinsic part of humanity. The big motives – money, love, and power – transcend time. If someone is intent on murder, he or she will use what is available, and as often as not, the details are less important than the impetus. What does differ is the science available to the investigator. For my characters, working over 200 years ago, there are no surveillance cameras, no fingerprints, no DNA evidence. But they have the most important tools – intelligence, careful questions, sharp eyes, and burning curiosity.

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I hope you are enjoying meeting these new authors. And learning a bit of history too.

Victoria LK Williams

Benedict Brown’s Historical Cozy Mystery Series

We’ve met Benedict on another blog post, but this time I’d like to highlight his Historical Cozy Mystery Series, Lord Edgington Investigates…

Lord Edgington

Lord Edginton has retired from the Metropolitan Police and is in retreat at Cranley Hall. He hopes for quietness and peace, but the arrival of his sixteen-year-old grandson, Christopher, changes his perspective and together the two of them begin their adventures. Murder and crime are no match for this family dual.

You can find out more about the Lord Edgington Investigates from Benedict’s Website. While you’re there be sure to sign up for The Benedict Brown Readers’ Club. You can also follow Benedict on Facebook and find his books on Amazon.

What made you decide to write a Historical Cozy?

I’ve always loved Golden Age detective fiction and my mother was a history teacher for fifty years and has been a big influence on me, so when I was choosing to write a second mystery series, a historical cozy seemed the way to go.

Tell us what time frame your stories are in and what setting or world?

The first book in my “Lord Edgington Investigates…” series takes place in England in 1925, with my releases continuing more or less in real time so that the seventh book I’ve just written takes place in summer 1926. I adore the 1920s for their style and exuberance and have tried to invest my books with a lot of period detail. I am from Surrey in the south of England and created the fictional estate of Cranley Hall, for my characters to inhabit in the beautiful countryside there.

Who is your protagonist? Tell us a bit about them and why they were chosen.
My narrator is the sixteen-year-old grandson of a famous detective, Lord Edgington. The renowned grandfather has spent the last ten years in seclusion in his country pile but is pulled out of retirement when a member of their family is killed at a grand ball. I wanted to create two central characters with a big gulf in their personalities and thanks to Christopher’s innocence and his grandfather’s wisdom, they’re a true odd couple.

What sets your mysteries apart from other cozies?

The first thing that readers often tell me is that they fall in love with the relationship between the grandfather and grandson. It is a very sweet central theme to the mysteries without being saccharine. As the books progress, their connection to one another develops and young Christopher improves as a detective thanks to his grandfather’s brilliance.  

How much research do you do to create your story, and how much do you include in your books?

I love researching this series and always find fascinating elements from history to include, which are often linked the real-life settings I choose. For example, in my fifth book “The Tangled Treasure Trail” I set the book in central London and filled each scene with details of the history and geography of that incredible city, as the characters speed about on scavenger hunts through the warren of old streets. I also spend a lot of time researching the fashions and language of the time. I attempt to avoid anachronistic words and expressions, so I always have an etymological dictionary at hand.

Do you feel the crimes committed in historical cozy are very different from a contemporary cozy?

I started my cozy career with the contemporary series “The Izzy Palmer Mysteries”, and I think there often is a lighter feel to my Lord Edgington books. My books are gore-free in all cases, and both series have a lot of humour in them, but it’s true that the 1920s books normally turn the focus away from the blood and injuries that might otherwise be featured in my contemporary series.

I have several more Historical Cozy Mystery authors to introduce you to! I hope you are enjoying finding out more about a new genre of cozy mysteries, or learning about some old favorites!

Victoria LK Williams

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Kathleen Kalb, Historical Cozy Mystery Author

Kathleen has exciting news; her book, The Thanksgiving Ragamuffin, has been nominated for a 2022 Derringer Award for Short story from the Short Mystery Fiction Society. Congratulations!

This author didn’t start her career writing historical fiction. She started on the radio and in the newsroom. She is a weekend morning anchor at 1010 WINS, New York’s top all-news station. She lives with her family and cat in Connecticut. She also writes a blog, that you can access from her website.

What made you decide to write a Historical Cozy?
Well…I’ve been a history buff and a mystery fan since I was able to read, so the idea of putting the two together was just natural. Writing cozy was also natural; I’m a New York City radio news anchor and I get more than enough hard-boiled stuff at the office! So all of that was there. But honestly, Ella Shane and her world just grew around me as I was walking through Washington Square on my way to work. Many of the 19th century buildings are still there, and I found myself thinking about who would live there and what adventures they would have.

Tell us what time frame your stories are in and what setting or world?
The Ella Shane series is set in the Washington Square neighborhood of New York City in 1899-1900. It’s an artistic but respectable enclave, not all that far away from either the older Fifth Avenue mansions or the poorer immigrant neighborhoods.

Who is your protagonist? Tell us a bit about them and why they were chosen.
Ella Shane, born Ellen O’Shaughnessy, to an Irish father and Jewish mother, is a Lower East Side orphan who found fame and fortune as an opera singer specializing in “trouser roles,” heroic male parts sung by women. I got the trouser role idea first; I loved the idea of a woman who can duel and fight like a man, who challenges the limits of her time, and who’s also a bit of a star. But I didn’t want to spend time with a diva, and I doubted any readers would, either. She had to be real. So she became an orphan girl who’s survived deprivation and prejudice and made good thanks to her talent. I like to describe Ella as: part Anne of Green Gables, part Beverly Sills, part Errol Flynn, and all her own woman.

What sets your mysteries apart from other cozies?
For starters, Ella – the Diva Who Duels — is unique. As far as I know, while there are other mysteries set in the opera world, none have main characters who play trouser roles – or handle their own swordplay! She also stands out as a main character who’s from a mixed religious background (very unusual at the time) who practices the faiths of both of her parents. And the diversity of the cast in general is unusual for a 19th century cozy. Ella’s cousin and best friend Tommy Hurley is a boxing champ who’s “not the marrying kind,” i.e. as out and proud as it’s possible to be in 1899. The surrounding cast includes working women, working mothers, and people of every ethnicity that you’d find in New York in 1899. In the second book, A FATAL FIRST NIGHT, there’s even a key character who is Black and passing as white. And they’re all just who they are; this isn’t about checking boxes, it’s about telling a good story with a wide variety of characters.

How much research do you do to create your story, and how much do you include in your books?
I think I’ve been researching these books since the elementary school library! The Victorian Era is one of my favorite historical periods (the Tudor Courts are the other) and I just love immersing myself in the time, the style, and everything involved in just being alive then. A lot of it does make it into the books – I hope not TOO much! Mostly, it’s about giving readers a strong sense of the place and period. So you’ll know what my characters are wearing, and how it feels to move in those clothes, for example. Much of the period detail becomes key plot points, too, of course. In A FATAL OVERTURE, the characters are hoping to avoid headlines about their murder case, so they’re very grateful to see a different scandal on the front page. I had to track down what would have been the top news in February 1900 to make that one work!

Do you feel the crimes committed in historical cozy are very different from a contemporary cozy?
Absolutely. While the handling of the crime is the same (no blood and guts, discreet descriptions of forensic evidence, etc.) as it would be in a contemporary, there are a lot of ways to kill people or solve a murder that are just off the table. No DNA, limited forensics. No information the main characters couldn’t get through traditional legwork. That’s what makes it so fun. Just as Inspector Poirot has to solve his cases with the “little gray cells,” we historical cozy writers have to set up ours with them! I admit, though, that I’ve given myself a little jump on this one: the Duke, Ella’s beau, trained as a barrister and has some forensic expertise – 1890s forensic expertise. So he brings a few twists to the table…but he still can’t whip out a DNA report. Which is as it should be.

A Final thought from Kathleen…

The best thing about writing Historical Cozies, for me, is being able to go back in time to this wonderful place and spend time with a group of people I love…and put them through some fun adventures!

You can follow Kathleen on Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon or visit her Website to find out more from her.

I hope you enjoyed hearing from Kathleen. I have more Historical Cozy Authors to share!

Victoria LK Williams

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Do you remember the books back when we were kids where they had front covers on both sides, and you’d turn them over to read the second story? They’re like that! Perfect for reading on your own or gifting to mystery-loving friends.

How can you get your hands on these? They’ll be special editions, only available only through Kickstarter. You can “back” the project (pledge your purchase) when the Kickstarter launches, and then if we fund the project your books will ship out in time for Christmas! What a great gift idea for the Cozy Mystery Lover!!

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Mysterious Times…

Let me take you back in time, not too far gone, but just far enough that it’s different. A time when life was simpler, families were close, and crime wasn’t so complicated… Or was it?

Welcome to the genre of Historical Cozy Mysteries. In the next several blog posts, you will meet some of the leading historical cozy mystery writers. They will tell you about their series, their characters and what makes Historical Cozies so much different from a Contemporary Cozy.

Whether it’s set in America, or England, or somewhere else; the times were definitely different. Women were just beginning to assert themselves, the Industrial Revolution wasn’t far off, and there was still a distinction between the working people and the upper class.

There are also some cozy mysteries written in a time that we might even remember, or at least our parents would. That time of awakening after the world wars. Rock ‘n’ roll was just coming into existence, the Industrial Revolution had not only taken off but it was taking over. Inventions were coming right and left and it was a changing world. We also consider these Historical Cozy Mysteries.

I hope you’ll enjoy meeting these authors in getting to know how they come up with a crime fitting for the time they write about. How much research do they put into their work? What makes their characters different from the characters in a contemporary cozy? And most importantly, why do they write historical cozies?

Have you read a Historical Cozy Mystery? What did you like about it?

Now, sit back, grab a cup of tea, and relax as we go back to a gentler time…

Victoria LK Williams