The Best Gift Should be from the Heart!



With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I thought I’d offer some advice from a Mother’s perspective. We all know that you what to get your mother a gift that will show her how much you love her and appreciation all that she does for everyone in your house; from the kids to the hubby and even those pets that are the children’s, yet somehow it’s Mom who takes care of them. And every mother will tell you the no matter how expensive the gift, if it’s comes with love; it comes with so much more meaning. From the most primitive little drawing from your child’s coloring book to that exaggerate diamond necklace picked up by a husband and son; the gift doesn’t matter – it’s what comes from the heart. But it’s not just on Mother’s Day that these gifts can means so much. An unexpected token of love can come at the at the most unexpected times filling your eyes with tears and putting a catching your voice.

The simple bouquet picked by your child (usually out of your own garden) handed to you with excitement and hopefulness on under their face; hoping that you will accept the gift of love and appreciate it for the thought, can make your whole day. And if your husband was to simply say “I’ve got this” as he picks up the vacuum and vacuum the floor, or pulls up the grill and proceeds to make dinner for the family, then that can be the gift that she will soon be telling all her friends about.

Every person has their own unique talents and when those gifts are a reflection of your talents you’re not only giving gifts, you’re giving a memory. For example my husband is a great gardener and this past week he tore out a section of our existing landscaping created a private little garden for me to look out and enjoy from my office window. He even took the time to put my orchids up (hanging from the tree) and flowers in the ground so every time I look up my window I think of him and I smile.

So remember to treat every day as if it is mother’s day or father’s day or a birthday or grandparent’s day. Take a moment use your hidden talents and create something for them; a flower bouquet, a sentimental note, prepare dinner without you expecting it, a bedroom cleaned up without having to be asked, a car wash; the list goes on.

Just remember; the simple things in life are the greatest gifts all.th5WH3JWIM


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