Love Kissed Cozies

Mystery and romance just seem to be made for each other. But, trust me, Hallmark isn’t the only one who has caught on to the sweet trend. Cozy mystery writers are adding romance to their story lines, drafting fantastic books that keep you on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages to find out the answers. Who was the killer? Why was the victim killed? Will the lead character get that kiss?

Unlike romantic suspense, the love story in a cozy is kept clean. There is no sex, or if there is a hint of it, it’s behind closed doors, off the page. The romance is more “slow-burn”, sometimes continuing for an entire series before the protagonists finally proclaims their love.

Romance can develop in everyday settings or more exotic ones. Over the love of good food or the delight of a favorite animal. Mere mortals are the only characters falling for cupid’s arrow. Witches, Vampires, Ghosts and Fae are all showing their softer side. And it’s not only for the modern character either. Books set in a different period, or even traveling to another time are getting in on the lovefest.

Amazon even has a subcategory for cozy+romantic+mystery. And the covers are fantastic! They clearly depict the book is a mystery but add an extra element to make it more romantic. It might be the color, an image or even the title, but it’s clear this mystery is going to have something extra.

As a cozy mystery writer, I’ve always had a hint of romance in my books. I can’t help myself. I grew up reading Barbara Cartland and Agatha Christie! The writing was on the wall, lol!

To celebrate the season of love and Valentine’s Day, I will be interviewing a few cozy mystery authors who have added a romantic twist to their plotline. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to be a little romantic and curious. Be sure to share any romantic cozy mysteries you enjoyed.

Victoria LK Williams

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