Let’s Take a Author Break and Tease you with what’s in the Anthology!

I thought you might want to see a little bit about the mysteries within the anthology. I’ve asked each of the authors to create a tag-line for their story. This should “wet-your-whistle” and get you excited about our upcoming release (June 21st!).

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Picnics, Peers and Poison by R.B. Marshall:
An assassin, an aristocrat, and an artist in peril…

Loch Ness Murder by Michele Pariza Wacek:
It wouldn’t be Redemption without something weird going on in one of the lakes.

Killer Art in the Park by Paula Darnell:
Killer art. A sunny day in the park. What could be more delightful? Or more deadly?

Dastardly Deeds at Doomsday Beach by Joann Keder:
A relaxing vacation turns deadly when Gemini discovers a body on the beach.

Daph on the Beach by Phillipa Nefri Clark:
A beachside wedding to die for.

Dandelions and Deception by Carly Winter:
She knows who killed her husband… she doesn’t know how to prove it.

Farmer, Flip-Flops and Felony by Wendy Meadows:
She had a perfect life… until murder came knocking.

’Til Death Do Us Part by Erin Scoggins:
It was the anniversary celebration of her dreams until a kidnapper crashed the party.

Sunshine and Suspicion by Megan Mayfair:
All Lana wanted was a year off to find herself – but it turns out that relaxation is going to be murder.

Pickled to Death by Gayle Leeson:
The fair would have been a lot more fun had Aunt Bess not been accused of murder…and if the streaker hadn’t been such a disappointment.

The High Tide Deception by Patti Larsen:
Who knew life at the beach could be so competitive—and deadly?

Lost and Hound by Victoria LK Williams:
Storm Tinsdale hated dirt; but she hated murder even more…

Rose and Risk by Daisy Linh:
A little wine never hurt anyone. Yet..

Evil on the Eastern Shore by Connie B. Dowell
Vacation in a sleepy beach town…with secrets to kill for.

No Egg to Stand On by Hillary Avis
An unforgettable birthday party ends with a body in the bathtub…

A Corpse Beside the Seaside by Benedict Brown
Ice creams, sand castles and murder by the bucket and spadeful.

Planning for Murder by Ellen Jacobson
Planners are great for to-do lists, keeping track of appointments and . . . scheduling a murder

Two Shakes of a Hangman’s Noose by Rimmy London
A silly ghost story? Or did someone get away with murder…

The Sleuthing Granny Gang and the Summer Scandal by Cate Lawley
Death visits the unlikeliest of locales: White Sage’s lavender festival

Palm Trees and Perjury by Cathy Tully
A troubling text. A former partner in peril. Fun in the sun shouldn’t include guns. . . .

The Snowy Solstice Skeleton by Roz Marshall
Two ski instructors went skiing on midsummer day. They didn’t expect to find a skeleton

Don’t miss out!

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