Day 4 of 25 Days Of Christmas

Dianne Ascroft

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Mistletoe and Murder by Dianne Ascroft

Marge Kirkwood gets more than she bargained for under the mistletoe at the Fenwater Association Christmas party: a blast from the past waiting for her and a murder to investigate. A nostalgic mystery set in small-town Canada in 1983.   

Where/when is your story set?
Mistletoe and Murder, my story in Deadly Traditions, is set in Fenwater, a fictional small town in Ontario, Canada in 1983.

Who is your main character?
Marge Kirkwood is a bold, brassy archivist who usually helps quiet librarian Lois Stone solve crimes in the Century Cottage Cozy Mystery series. But in this story, Marge is taking the lead as she tries to solve a crime when she would rather be wining and dining her way through the festive season 

Why is Christmas important?
Marge loves her family and always wants to make Christmas magical for them. Even though her kids are adults now she still wants to make Christmas special for them. And since the cops suspect her ex – their father – murdered the deceased, the holiday will go down the drain for her family if he gets arrested. She won’t let that happen.

Victoria LK Williams


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